Reviews Venoten

  • Росица
    I would really like to know about Venoten cream first! So much wasted effort and so much wasted time. And Venoten helped after only a week of use. It got a lot easier for me and then the symptoms disappeared. I'm really happy!
  • Елена
    Don't trust high volume ads. Look for Venoten, which actually works as advertised. The cyanosis, the swollen veins, the night pain disappeared without return. Now I order Venoten for parents.
  • Георги
    My legs were in really bad shape when I started applying Venoten cream on them. I was very afraid of aggravating the situation, but apparently the fact that everything is natural in the composition makes it so effective. No allergies or irritation and relief came immediately. I continue to use.
  • Марийка
    It is a shame for a woman to appear in society with blue legs and twisted veins. Even the dark tights didn't hide my varicose veins. As for the pain, I generally keep quiet! If it hadn't been for Venoten, I would have already gone to the surgeon and with him I could have returned healthy veins without surgery.
  • Йорданка
    I would like to recommend a good vein recovery cream - Venoten. It surprised me and made me happy. I didn't think that the legs of a fifty-year-old woman could bring back the youth of a thirty-year-old. Now I can afford to walk, run and any other sport.
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