Varicose veins, treatment with folk remedies. The best recipes for oral administration, external treatment

According to statistics, almost 85% of women know firsthand what varicose veins are. Men are less likely to suffer from varicose veins than women - 66%, but this figure seems terrifying. Recently, such a pathology was found in the young population, even in schoolchildren. Therefore, we could not even stand aside. What are varicose veins, treatment with folk remedies, how the disease develops, its symptoms and much more will be described in this article.

What are the causes of the development of varicose veins?

The enlarged veins in the legs are called varicose veins. Pathology consists in a violation of the normal activity of the venous valves, which leads to reflux (reverse blood flow). Most often, people suffer from congenital pathology of weakness of the venous network (low elasticity or valve insufficiency).


If we consider the disease at the cellular level, then we can say that varicose veins are a disturbance of the physiological balance between the collagen cells of the muscle fibers and the cells of the elastic fibers of the venous wall. That is, reduced elasticity of the venous wall or venous valves, unable to pass blood in sufficient quantities from the extremities to the heart.

The first violations occur when the blood flow in the veins slows down. This can be due to various factors:

  • spend a lot of time on your feet;
  • high heels for women, uncomfortable shoes for men;
  • to smoke;
  • low physical activity;
  • pregnancy;
  • excess weight, etc.

These external factors lead to expansion and deformation (knotty).

Simply put, varicose veins are caused by a malfunction of the valves within the peripheral veins. This leads to an imbalance in the blood flow, which allows blood to flow in both directions. The force of gravity causes blood to accumulate in the peripheral veins, stretching their walls, which is why varicose veins look gnarled, swollen and irregularly shaped.

Varicose veins: oral treatment with folk remedies!

In the "frenetic" pace in which modern man lives, the first symptoms of varicose veins often go unnoticed. Even at the first demonstrations, many are in no rush to see a doctor. At the initial stage, vascular networks (asterisks) appear on the legs, small bumps may appear, swelling and pain in the legs appear in the evening.

Here are recipes for oral treatment with folk methods aimed at cleaning blood vessels for better blood flow.

Anti varicose cocktail

For him you need:

  • almonds, grated - one tablespoon;
  • a glass of boiling water;
  • a spoonful of honey.

Pour boiling water over the grated nut, add the honey and wait an hour. Divide the anti-varicose cocktail into two doses. One before breakfast, the second two hours later.

Decoction of nettle

It is used to relieve pain, drink for six months. Prepare the broth like this:

  • a spoonful of nettle;
  • a glass of boiling water.

Bring to a boil and cool. Divide the resulting broth into three doses, drink before meals.

Collection of varicose veins

This collection will help clean the blood vessels and shrink the vascular networks. They drink it for about a month. To harvest, you need to have leaves:

  • yarrow;
  • nettle;
  • St. John's wort (flowers);
  • marshmallow (root).

Everything is taken in equal proportions and mixed. In proportion, one tablespoon of this collection must be steamed with a liter of boiling water. Drink after meals.

Purifying infusion

Helps normalize blood flow. You will need components in equal proportions:

  • yarrow;
  • chestnut (flowers, in the absence you can take the fruits);
  • plantain;
  • chamomile;
  • raspberry (root).

At speed, one tablespoon of the mixture goes into a glass of water. Boil the mixture, leave for 12 hours and drink 100-150 ml every morning and evening.

Chestnuts tincture

It is used when the veins are severely dilated. To prepare it you need:

  • a bottle of vodka (0, 5 l);
  • 25 g of horse chestnut (inflorescence).
folk remedies for varicose veins

Pour the inflorescences with vodka and shake every day for two weeks. Pour the finished tincture into the refrigerator. You need to drink two tablespoons three times a day for a week. Make three approaches with a five-day break.

External treatment with folk remedies for varicose veins

As you know, this disease has accompanied the population since its inception, and this is evidenced by many annals and historical artifacts. Traditional medicine has always stood guard for human health, and varicose veins are no exception.

A more popular therapy for varicose veins is treatment with folk remedies intended for external treatment. This includes rubbing, lotions, ointments.

  1. Apply garlic and oil. It is necessary for one part of oil, take two parts of garlic. Apply this mixture on the veins, overnight, bandage. The bandage is removed in the morning, but the legs must be kept warm. Wool pants can be worn.
  2. Lilac dye. In a half-liter jar, you need to dial up to half of the lilac flowers. Pour the flowers with alcohol or vodka. Wait a week. The treatment consists of rubbing this dye over the entire length of the legs. Such procedures should be carried out at night, every day for a month.
  3. Acacia rub. This rubbing is suitable for the resorption of enlarged venous nodes. It is necessary to insist 50 g of white acacia flowers in a bottle of vodka for two weeks. It is necessary to rub in the evening, abundantly wetting the inflamed areas.
  4. Compress from a medium star (wood lice). This herb is wet to the touch, I heat it, knead it and apply it to problem areas. A burdock or cabbage leaf is placed on top and wrapped with a bandage. Shoot in two hours. Such a compress is used for exacerbations, it is necessary to apply the starlet at least three times a day.
  5. A folk remedy with apple cider vinegar. The most popular way to treat varicose veins with external treatment. It does not involve particular costs and hassles. For a compress, add 10 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 0. 5 liters of water. In this solution, soak a cloth of natural fabric and apply to the inflamed areas and swollen veins.
herbs for the treatment of varicose veins

Treatments for varicose veins and unconventional recipes

Traditional medicine involves the use of natural products. For a long time it was customary to use improvised means to cure all kinds of diseases. We would like to share the secrets of vegetables that relieve inflammation and aid in treatment.

  1. Tomato. It is cut into slices and attached to the inflamed areas. It should be stored until a slight burning sensation is felt. Make sure you wash away where the tomatoes used to be.
  2. Cabbage. Previously, before the invention of special means, pregnant women were prescribed to repair cabbage leaves from varicose veins. Today this month has not lost its popularity. Cabbage must be beaten so that the leaf is soft. Grease one side of the cabbage leaf with vegetable oil and apply this side to the affected area. Wrap around. Such a compress is worn during the day. The duration of treatment with the use of a compress is one month.
  3. Pumpkin. For the treatment of varicose veins, a remedy such as pumpkin, uses the internal pulp of the fruit, can be removed with a spoon. Remove the seeds from the pulp. Grind all the pulp and rub problem areas with this product. After application, roll up and wrap warm. It is recommended to do this compress at night.
  4. Potato. A very simple recipe for treatment. Peel and grate the freshly dug potatoes. Apply the resulting mass to the sore spot. Wrap with gauze on top, it is recommended to moisten it in potato juice. Keep the potatoes on the leg for 4 hours. In addition to the tuber itself, you can use potato peels. To do this, we take cleaning, wash (you can wash the potatoes before peeling them) and boil. For convenience, we make the baby food and apply it to the affected areas for several hours. Better if the baby food is hot.
  5. Carrot. Carrot juice is an excellent cure for varicose veins. Freshly squeezed carrot juice is mixed with spinach juice. Take half a glass of spinach juice for a glass of carrot juice. This cocktail should be consumed every day. The flavonoid rutin in carrots strengthens blood vessel walls, and spinach is rich in oxalic acid, which prevents deposits on blood vessel walls.

Not so widely, but in the fight against varicose veins, alternative means of traditional medicine are used. We will tell you some of the most interesting, in our opinion.

  1. Bathrooms. In addition to lotions, rubbing and ingestion, baths with oak bark can be used in the complex. To do this, you need half a kilo of young branches:
    • Oak;
    • and you;
    • Chestnut.

    Put everything in a large pot (8-10 l) or in a bucket and simmer for half an hour. Next, throw 200 g of chamomile, twine, St. John's wort into the boiling broth. Everyone insists 12 hours. Pour the broth into the tub and melt 3 loaves of rye bread in the same place. The water temperature in the tub should be 36-42 ° С, the time spent in them up to 40 minutes.

  2. Wang's recipe. Put some cotton socks on your feet and walk in the dew in the morning before sunrise. The socks must be well wet and must not be removed. After sunrise, wait for them to dry on your feet.
  3. Use pork lung. It is cut into slices and ten days in a row, applied at night as a compress.

Diet as a folk remedy

The use of all the above recipes, of course, will give its result, but do not forget that our nutrition affects the work of the whole organism, including blood flow.

decoction of nettle for varicose veins

The Indian physician H. K. Bahru put forward a hypothesis, which over time he proved. It consists in the fact that a patient suffering from varicose veins should, before starting treatment, be it medication or through traditional medicine, endure a four-day fast (when only mostly natural juices can be drunk) or a diet based of fruit for a week. After such "discharge" it is necessary to gradually switch to a balanced diet. It is very important to have grains in the diet. Try to pay attention to proper nutrition and make your diet more varied with salads, fruits and berries, nuts, seafood, legumes and all kinds of oils. You should refuse hot spices, flour, sugar, alcohol, coffee and tea.

It is very useful to make a decoction of nettle and drink it like regular tea.

Now you know about varicose vein therapy. Treatment with folk remedies will help you with this. Do not close your eyes for leg pain, swelling, as these may be the first symptoms of varicose veins. After all, it's easier to be safe than sorry later. Ignoring the first symptoms, you will not get rid of the disease, so if you notice the first signs of varicose veins, use folk remedies or consult a qualified doctor.