Surgery to remove varicose veins - make the right choice

If you are interested in the question of surgical treatment of varicose veins, then you know the disease firsthand. We stand in solidarity and are delighted that you have made the right decision to part with the disease forever. Before telling when an operation is required to remove varicose veins on the legs and what methods of surgical treatment exist, let us recall some important points.

  • Varicose veins in the legs are a chronic disease and even if the vein is removed surgically, there is a possibility of recurrence in other vessels. Of course, with non-compliance with the correct regimen and insufficient rehabilitation.
  • The cost of an operation to remove varicose veins shouldn't be your choice. The basis for the operation is the doctor's recommendation.
  • Responsibly treat the choice of clinic in which you plan to operate. Competition in this area of medicine is high, however, the high cost of the operation does not always imply a high professionalism of specialists.

Is the operation right for you?

Don't bother looking closely at your bulging veins in your legs and use the internet to choose a treatment method. It won't get you anywhere. Only a phlebologist can accurately diagnose the degree of your varicose veins and tell you how to treat it. The first and initial manifestations of the second stage of varicose veins can be treated conservatively, that is, by non-surgical methods.

Choose a phlebologist who, at the reception, can not only examine you, but also examine you in detail. Phlebologists perform vascular ultrasound for their patients, on the basis of which they decide to perform one or another operation to remove varicose veins.

What are the operations?

Varicose veins can be treated with classic surgery. With hospitalization, general anesthesia and a long rehabilitation period. Usually, such operations are carried out in severe and advanced stages of varicose veins, when there is simply no other alternative.

Modern methods are the so-called. one-day operations or minimally invasive interventions. There are many, they do not imply a long hospital stay, they have a short rehabilitation period. Advantages of minimally invasive surgery:

  1. Short hospital stay. Usually the patient can go home on the day of admission.
  2. There is no need for general anesthesia. Almost all minimally invasive interventions are performed through 1 - 2 punctures or skin incisions, which are not accompanied by pain symptoms.
  3. Short rehabilitation period. Wearing compression underwear and limiting the ability to work after some types of operations is not necessary at all. Sometimes it is suggested to use some compression.

We offer a detailed description of modern operations to remove varicose veins:

Minifleboectomy according to the Varadi method

The operation is similar to the classic one, the diseased vein is removed completely. However, it is performed in a minimally invasive way, after 2-3 punctures. According to Varadi, the duration of this operation is about 40 minutes. shown:

  • With atypical localizations of varicose veins - on the feet, lips, face.
  • With ascending thrombophlebitis.
  • With large varicose veins.
  • In the presence of nodes located near the skin.


the essence of sclerotherapy for varicose veins

This is the same "magic" injection that people love to talk about. In fact, sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat superficial varicose veins. It is very effective for reticular and little diffuse varicose veins of the first and second stages. It is done by injecting a liquid or foamy sclerosing agent into a vein. Foam sclerotherapy is a more modern development.

Excellent laser - intravenous coagulation

The minimally invasive method of laser treatment of varicose veins is extremely popular. It is used frequently, is effective and painless. After 2 hours of laser surgery to remove varicose veins, you will find yourself at home. An interesting aspect is the lowest cost of all minimally invasive techniques.

Radio frequency surgery

Americans love this method. And for good reason. Fast and high-quality exposure to radio frequencies allows you to quickly forget about varicose veins of the trunk. The operation is performed like a laser, but there are fewer side effects. Scars and scars, such as after laser surgery, do not remain.

Radio frequency surgery is preferred and where laser is contraindicated. If your vessels are too close to the skin, the laser is not used due to the likelihood of burns. The cost of radiofrequency surgery to remove varicose veins is slightly more expensive than laser surgery.

Omnipresent steam

A very attractive minimally invasive steam method for removing branched varicose veins. The steam is able to penetrate very curled vessels and glue them together securely. The method is of interest to patients because work duties begin tomorrow. No marks on the skin and no restrictions.

And it's not an operation at all, just glue!

Of all the minimally invasive interventions, the glue method is the newest and most effective. After gluing your veins with the VenaSeal system, you forget about varicose veins right after you leave the doctor's office. The price is, of course, high, but it's worth it. Rehabilitation, even in the form of compression, is not required.

Which one to choose?

Do not philosophize and choose the operation that an intelligent and experienced phlebologist recommends you. This is the basic rule of choice.

Consequences and rehabilitation

In each case, the need for rehabilitation is determined individually. After the Varadi operation, sclerotherapy, laser therapy, traces of injections will remain on the skin for some time. For at least a month after most minimally invasive operations, you will need to wear compression underwear. Selection: Compression is a sensitive issue, especially after surgery.

If you are being treated in a good clinic, immediately after the surgery, the doctor will tell you everything in detail, will determine the size of the linen.

The glue method - expensive and modern - will not limit your actions or the selection of clothes. Patient reviews about him are wonderful, let's not overdo it. But even this does not mean that after the operation you can drag weights or actively jump rope.

Remember that varicose veins are vindictive. Having once been in your ships, he may wish to return. Make an effort to prevent this from happening!